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April 1, 2010 / Upnishad

YouTube undergoes major overhaul


Congratulations, YouTube! That’s quite the face-lift. Google has made significant changes in the whole YouTube look and feel, and it’s much slicker now. The UI style is reminiscent of Wave, and it looks like the beginning of a new UI for Google products.

YouTube now offers a comprehensive JavaScript-driven tour, whereby you get to next-next-next through each new feature. Small icons highlight each feature and give a short explanation. Since we all know how difficult it can be to click next, I went through the trouble and did it for you! That’s love, people.

You can see the entire tour, blow-by-blow, after the jump.

There’s no big news here: you see the uploader’s name and can click it to go to their page. However, you do get a video count, which I’m not sure was there before.

Oooh, there’s a new button that lets you make the player wider.

There are also no more five-star ratings! This is major. The star system has been replaced with “like” and “dislike” buttons. Notice how the “like” button is wider than the “dislike.” I’m sure the usability pundits would have something to say about that.

There is a save button that allows you to save a video to favorites or playlists:

There are no major changes with regards to sharing.

The video description is smaller by default. The whole page feels cleaner.

The same prominent view-count is there, but now, it has added analytics!

The “next video” box tries to keep you on the site for even longer, by queuing and auto-playing your subscriptions. Note the Apple-esque horizontal toggle there.

The tour is complete! Can you feel a sense of warm, fuzzy accomplishment?


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