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September 22, 2009 / Upnishad

At long last, GIMP v2.8 to finally implement single-window interface

The GIMP is one of those applications that people either seem to love or hate. While it’s always been a powerful and capable alternative to big commercial apps like Photoshop, GIMP’s multiple floating window interface has been hard for some users to adapt to.

Good news to those of you who love the program but just couldn’t adapt to the UI: version 2.8 will feature a selectable single window mode. As you can see in the mock-up above, it’s a much more Photoshop-like experience. Hardcore GIMP fans, don’t despair. If you’ve been convinced that multi-window mode is a superior way to work, you won’t have to change.

GIMP developers have also been looking at ways of better handling multiple images in the editor. Tabs, of course, were added in Photoshop CS4. Don’t expect to see them in GIMP 2.8.


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