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August 27, 2009 / Upnishad

Google gives 1 millions Books for Free

google_books_logo_aug09.pngGoogle just announced that it will now allow users to download over 1 million public domain books in the EPUB format. Google had already made this archive available to some of its partners, including Sony and Barnes and Noble, but until today users weren’t able to download these free EPUB texts from Google directly. Google will continue to make PDF versions of these books available for download as well, but users with eReader’s will find the new EPUB files far more useful.

If you don’t have an actual hardware eReader but still want to read these EPUB versions, you can install Stanza or a similar desktop reader to read these books.


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  1. benjamin barrigah / Dec 9 2009 9:15 pm

    i need about 101 books. it was on the 6th june when my friend advertice your free product to me, and i need some to advertise it to my colligues.

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