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August 26, 2009 / Upnishad

Process Hacker is Task Manager on steroids

The inner geek in all of us is constantly curious about what exactly is going on under the hood of our computer; the trusty ol’ Task Manager is usually pretty good at letting us keep an eye on things. Sometimes, however, said inner geek needs a little bit more control over their not-always-well-oiled machine.

Process Hacker is an open source application that incorporates all of Task Manager’s features while adding a plethora of other functions, charts, and options. Included in Process Hacker’s features are things such as a tree view to see where active processes came from, detailed graphs displaying each process’s resource usage and statistics, and (my personal favorite) over a dozen different ways to kill a process.

Sysinternals fans may notice that Process Hacker is very similar to Mark Russinovich’s Process Explorer utility. The two utilities trade off a few features; Process Explorer is a little more developer-oriented, where Process Hacker is geared somewhat more toward the average power user.

The download link on Process Hacker’s home page is broken, but you can download it directly from their project page on SourceForge.


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