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February 15, 2009 / Upnishad

Supercharge your IM.

IM is thought of as a chatting medium.  But there are several services to super-charge your plain vanilla IM to a great productivity tool.logos

Setup an answering machine

An answering machine for your IM network will automatically respond to messages when you are offline. You can hack out a bot and have it running, monitoring the incoming messages and replying appropriately or you can simply sign into your account and set response messages. allows you to do just that. You are not even required to register. Log in with the IM credentials of the account you want set up answering for, set the status that will be shown to the users and then type the autoresponse text that will be sent back to the users in case someone happens to ping you while you are offline.

Create IM hyperlinks

IM hyperlinks allow people to quickly send you a message when they click on the link. All you have to do is format the “href” attribute of the <a> tag according to the IM network you want to add the link for. Check out this article for details.

Read RSS feeds

Try out ZapTXT and IMfeeds which allow you to get RSS updates within your chat client.

Finally, Imified is without a doubt going to be the best buddy in your buddy list! Imified allows you to access web services, manage to do lists, ping domains and much more all from within your IM client.


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