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July 18, 2008 / Upnishad

Use Winamp skins with VLC Player

We all agree that when it comes to looks, VLC Media Player is ugly Betty. But there is a way to revamp the looks of your VLC player by using Winamp Classic Skins. Yes, VLC can use Winamp Classic skins as its interface. That means the thousands of styles available at Winamp Classic’s official site and elsewhere can be put to good use on modern systems.

To change VLC’s skin, load the program, hit the "Settings" menu, select "Switch interface" and then "Skins 2." Once the modern-looking skin loads, you can right-click on blank space, choose "Select skin" and see how the player works and acts with a Winamp Classic skin. If you want to keep the skin, head for the Interface->Main interfaces->Skins dialog in VLC’s preferences and make sure "Advanced options" is checked.

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  1. Прохожий / Dec 27 2011 2:24 pm

    Not work for me

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