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May 28, 2008 / Upnishad

Read Full Magazines for Free, With or Without an iPhone [Free]

Digital magazine provider Zinio offers up the current issues of 20 magazines—including Popular Mechanics, PC Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report—for free full-page browsing by iPhone users. As the iSmashPhone blog points out, however, non-iPhone/iPod touch browsers can also score free access using the User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox or a simple Safari tweak, just as with AT&T hotspots at Starbucks and other locations. A quick how-to recap, after the jump:

In Safari, set your browser to the iPhone user agent in the Develop menu, which you can enable at Preferences->Advanced->”Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Opera users have built-in user agent switching for iPhones, and Firefox users can install the User Agent Switcher “>User Agent Switcher, then create an iPhone agent as described by iSmashPhone.

Once that’s done, switch to your iPhone agent and head to the Zinio link below. You’ll get full-page browsing of 20 titles, including UK and Spanish-language versions of Macworld and a handful of mens’ magazines. I should note here that Playboy and Penthouse are also offered up (as you might guess from the declarative link title below), so don’t follow through if a glimpse from a boss might land you in hot water.  [via gHacks]

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