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May 12, 2008 / Upnishad

We love Zenbe !

We were quite excited about Zenbe in the previous post. Its very rare that the enthusiasm about a killer-app is sustained for so long. Zenbe was kind enough to give us the invitation to test it and OMG ! We simply love it. Zenbe has everything Gmail should have. Forget the feature list, the interface is a winner. Minimal setup, classy design, first-thing-first and surprisingly fast.

Some of the features that we liked :

  • Seamless intergration to GMail and Google Calendar.
  • Intelligent Tagging feature
  • Extraordinary attachment management. You can see all the mail attachments as a separate tab ‘Zenbe Files’. You can share them too.
  • Zenpages are still limited to a few applications but as more applications will be added, we can predict a full fledged NetVibes inside one tab.
  • Everything you need inside one page : Todo list, Facebook sidebar, GTalk, Flickr, etc via zenpages,

There are so many features we love in Zenbe. We would strongly suggest you to request an beta invite and see for yourself.


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