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February 12, 2008 / Upnishad

VideoSpin: Free video editor


Windows Movie Maker is probably the most widely used free video editor for Windows. And there’s a good reason for that. It comes free with Windows XP and Vista. But Windows Movie Maker might not always be the best tool for the job. VideoSpin is a free video editing application that has all the features of Windows Movie Maker and a few more for good measure.
Overall, the two applications have a similar look and feel. Both are designed for use by people who don’t have a degree in video editing. You simply locate your video and audio files, arrange them on a timeline, and start snipping or rearranging. You can add a variety of transitions or sound effects to your movie. And unlike Windows Movie Maker, VideoSpin sports a pretty decent title editor. There’s also an option to upload your finished videos directly to YouTube or Yahoo! Video.
The program is almost too user friendly in some places. For example, VideoSpin assumes your files are in your My Videos folder, which is fair. But while you can easily change directories, there’s no simple way to navigate to a separate hard drive or partition. Fortunately, you can drag and drop audio and video files into VideoSpin from Windows Explorer, no matter what drive their on.

[via Digital Inspiration]


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