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January 2, 2008 / Upnishad

Fonts and more Fonts !

Searching for a free font that suits your need is quite a challenging task. Most of the free font sites don’t host the classiest fonts. Worry no-more. Here is a list of the most amazing free font sites.

fawnt.pngFawnt is a font resource for designers, developers and “anyone that appreciates the web’s highest quality fonts”.

The very visual layout makes it easy to browse through the many fonts to find just the right one, making it a worthy font bookmark.


Font Sugar promises only the most totally awesomest fonts and delivers them in both free and pay fonts. Download fonts | – all the fonts you’ll ever want. – a nice new (to me) font site. Some cool True Type fonts : Peter Saville Graphic Design – fonts

bestfonts.png Best Fonts of 2006 and some fine fonts they are! Worth a look for some font inspiration. The 100 Best Fonts (Die 100 Besten Schriften) – the site may be in German? but font names are universal.


Free Font Manifesto – a new movement to encourage more quality fonts in the public domain.

Smashing Magazine | 17 More Free Quality Fonts – because good, free fonts are always link-worthy! and finally…mother of all lists.


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