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April 22, 2007 / Upnishad

Mozilla Thunderbird, Integrated with Gmail

The latest version of Thunderbird, Mozilla’s email client, lets you add a Gmail account without entering any other detail than your email address. The account wizard’s poor wording might mislead people into thinking that Gmail is not a mail service, and it also forgets you to tell you how to enable POP3 in Gmail.
Among other new features, Thunderbird 2.0 adds message tagging, saved searches, more descriptive alerts that include email snippets. Even if you like Gmail’s web interface, a mail client is still useful to backup your email and for reading your messages offline. If you use multiple email clients, your Gmail messages are available only to the first client that requests them. To change that, replace with in your client’s settings.

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  1. Anders Vinther / Jan 31 2010 4:54 pm

    If you are curious about how to set up Gmail to synchronze email with Thunderbird 2.0 and Thunderbird 3.0 we are releasing detailed step by step guides very soon.

    You will be able to find the guides on

    This enables you to manage all your email addresses from one email client. Each email address can have its own inbox, outbox and other folders.

    Since Thunderbird is synchronizing the email with Gmail it means you can work with Thunderbird on your own computer(s) and when you are away from your own computer(s) you can use Gmail… and regardless of which email client you use you will still have access to ALL your sent email, received email and email organized in folders. Once it is set up there is nothing more for you to do to make it work.

    It also means you can automatically synchronize your email on all your own computers… your home computer, your netbook and your laptop… without lifting a finger…

    You can get more info and find the guides on

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